Attention: Fund Raising Committee
Subject: Cameron Speedway and Paintball’s Sponsorship/Fundraising letter
CAMERON’S  Paintball has a fantastic fund raising / sponsorship program that support youth leagues like yours in the area. Our program allows your members to make $15 for EVERY $20 Paintball Pass Booklet it sells (we take $5.00 from each booklet sold). It’s a very easy program, if your members only sell 100 booklets; your team makes $1500.00. After the fundraiser is complete, you return any booklets you did not sell.  The $5 for each booklet must be purchased from us up front. It’s a great program, if every parent purchased just one booklet for $20, look at the fundraising potential you would have for your league. These booklets don’t have to be sold to the parents; they can be sold to friends, neighbors, etc.
The booklet includes five (5) All Day Admissions with Rental & Safety Equipment valued at $100-  The customer purchasing the booklets just needs to purchase our paint when they come to our field.
Why does CAMERON’S  Paintball take so little from the sale?
We have kids who play youth sports too. So, instead of CAMERON’S  Paintball spending tens of thousands of dollars with print, radio and television advertising, we use a grass roots approach to help the youth leagues in the community. So the money we save not advertising in traditional media, we donate back to the youth leagues from Booklet sales.
CAMERON’S Paintball will open this program up to more youth leagues as the demand indicates.
If you are interested in participating in our program, please contact us directly and we can get you started!
CAMERON’S  Paintball
Shayne or Denise Cameron
2633 Upper James st. Mount Hope, Ont. L0R1W0
905 679 2122 ext 1
twitter: @cameronpaintbal

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